Mr. Y
Founder & CEO

We are Mr. Y, and Marcel O., 2 young Entrepreneurs of African origin, college educated, who came to this country as students in our early 20's,We are now both past 40, and fell in love with the multiple opportunities this country has to offer.

We share a common passion of genuine love for African Culture and People! We're as proud of where we are (The US), as of where we're from (Africa).

We believe in the American Dream, and the equality of humans from all origins. Everyone has the right and the capacity to participate in the improvement of the Society, and it starts within our own communities. 

This is how was born, from the different needs and improvement-opportunities that we observed in the African community in the US, both from the consumer perspective, as well as the business/entrepreneurial one. 

We're coming from a place of service for our community first, and for the others as well. We hope that our platform becomes the tool and the catalyst to bring forth the growth we're seeking, and simultaneously we're celebrating our multi-cultural identities all in the spirit of togetherness! We understand that together we're stronger, and we decided to take action to make it a reality even more. We hope that you'll join us in that journey!

Welcome to the Home of African-Owned!

Mr. Y 

Marcel O
Co-Founder and COO